First snow of the season

I’m just sitting at my desk trying to write the third Liddy Grey mystery ( probable title School for Murder)  which is set in the summer, and have left off to write this. It’s a bit weird describing Liddy’s dresses and sandals whilst hunkering down in my office with the heater blaring, dressed in a thick woolly poncho, warm socks, watching the snow meander down from the sky through the window ( whilst trying to spell dachshund !  Hell got waylaid by the crossword again). I’m interested in what everyone else is writing today and how you acclimatise yourself to the fictional weather. I think I might find some summery photos to pin around the wall ad change my screensaver. All ideas gratefully received.

13 thoughts on “First snow of the season

  1. I don’t usually have trouble with settings that don’t match my current weather pattern, but I tend to write with music or ambient sounds playing that suit my story (a classic rock playlist when I’m writing an action scene, for example). Maybe you could put on some steel drum music or the Beach Boys and try to let the soundtrack suck you in rather than what you’re seeing out your window.

    Best wishes!


      1. Some people have to have music, others require silence. I can write in either environment. But I do find music can help me with setting if I’m stuck. I hope it works for you. Best wishes!


  2. Snowing here, too. Woke to 4″ and, just during the porridge cooking, the power went off. Off to the local village hall to help the interior painting (they’re in a different part of the village and had power, so the hall was warm, and I could have a hot drink). Back home for a cold lunch and then a walk through the snow in the forest. Lovely. Back home and, presto! the power returns.
    Now back at the keyboard, preparing to write a chapter of scifi based on an Earth heated by climate change, so I’ve closed the curtains. No snow to be seen now, so I can concentrate on the story with the radiator at one side toasting me as I write!


    1. Sounds like heaven Stuart,happy writing. Had a lovely walk in the snow too, its a bit watery here so I think it’ll be work as usual tomorrow, was kind of hoping to be able to say I couldn’t make it. Hope the writing is going well. What are you working on now? Suzi

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      1. Ah, we’re likely to have freezing temperatures, and more snow, overnight. Fortunately, I retired from employment 3 years ago, so don’t have to leave the house to go to work.
        I’m currently working on the 3rd part of a science fiction trilogy, largely set on Mars. Generation Mars. Books 1 (Blood Red Dust) and 2 (War Over Dust) are both published. Hoping to get this one to my publisher in time for launch in September 2018.
        Hope your mystery is progressing well.
        As another idea for feeling warm during the cold spell (it’s still snowing here, and we’re expecting freezing temps tonight!) I have my latest holiday pics from Rhodes as my screen saver, so I can recall the lovely warmth.


  3. Hi Scarlett! Thanks for following my blog – I really loved this post because we hardly ever get snow here, and while we do get maybe one dump of an inch or so in the winter, it does make one feel cozy. I love finding other mystery writers, especially one with inquisitive pets. My cat likes to sit in my lap or on my pages. There will be a shout out to you in a post soon!


      1. We MIGHT have what they call here ‘a winter event’ this week, which means snow, but I doubt it. Garfield is cranking up to write another post!


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