‘Christmas at The Contraband Cafe’, a guest interview with co-author Liberty Bell.

Libby and I have been friends since childhood and wrote this novella together in about three months. We had a lot of fun writing it. The book is FREE on amazon today and a few more days will be chosen for it to be given away too, just to get you all in the Christmas Spirit.  This interview was carried out at the recent My Cup of Tea Press Christmas party, thanks guys for a fun evening!

SB – ‘So Libby Contraband Cafe is your first joint writing project, how did it come about?’

LB -‘ It was after we both visited Robin’s Hood Bay, in North Yorkshire one summer. I don’t know what is is about the place, it’s just so inspiring, steeped in history, really quaint and evocative, it  just seemed to inspire the story which we cooked up together in one of the cafes there. So Rum Cove in the story is really Robin Hood’s Bay.’

SB-  ‘How did the writing work?’

LB- ‘ We devised two viewpoints, took one each and had a simple story arc, with sketchy details. Then we just took it in turns, chapter by chapter. It was exciting to get a text, ‘Chapter done’  to read what each other had written and then to write the next. There were odd phone calls in between as well.’

SB- ‘ Will you do write more adventures set in Rum Cove?’

LB- ‘ It depends on our friends at My Cup of Tea Press really. I’d love to write a spooky ghost story though, fingers crossed…’

SB- ‘ So Libby you’ve had lots of success with your other romance titles particularly those set in Scotland,’ Scotch on the Loch’ and  ‘A Scottish Retreat’. Do you plan to do any more  stories set there?’

LB- ‘ Well I have Scottish ancestry ( as do you Scarlett) and it’s a place close to my heart so I do plan to do more soon. Maybe visiting some of the same characters from Scotch on the Loch. At the moment I’m busy with another project which I can’t talk about just yet, but yes I do. At the moment I’m watching the brilliant Outlander series and it has really inspired me to revisit my roots and a relative recently sent me a copy of my Scottish family tree which they have traced all the away back to 1780. The names set me thinking, like Dargavel, Fergus, Hector, several Ishbels and even the odd Brodie ( maybe we’re related way back Scar?).

SB- ‘Thanks and good luck with all your writing ventures. Merry Christmas!

11 thoughts on “‘Christmas at The Contraband Cafe’, a guest interview with co-author Liberty Bell.

  1. Hi Scarlett and many thanks for the follow on my Writer in the Woods blog! My main blog for writing – my books etc is here: https://judethompsonbooks.wordpress.com/ Sorry for taking a while to get back to you, I put blogging on a hold to get stuck in to writing the sequel to my fantasy novel. I’ll add you to my list of writers on that blog! I like your blog and will have a look at ‘Christmas at the Contraband Cafe’! Merry Christmas to you!


  2. I love Robin Hood’s Bay. Did the Lyke Wake walk from Osmotherly to RHB almost 40 years ago with my son’s scout group. I hate the red background you use on your site – makes reading hard, especially the bits in white type. Thanks for the follow.


    1. Cheers, yes there’s nowhere quite like RHB. The scene of many a good camping for my family when our kids were small. Sorry you don’t like the red, my son set it up for me, might adapt it. Thanks for the follow Scarlett


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