Top Three Great Christmas Presents for Writers.

Obviously it’s matter of taste but for what it’s worth these are mine:

1 Writing maps ( devised Shaun Levin)

I love these fold out , little gems crammed packed with writing prompts, they are a thing of beauty in themselves! They are so cleverly designed ( not sure how, but the paper is durable, foldable and wipeable) and inspiring especially if you’re having a bad idea day. The maps (and more keep being designed) cover things like writing characters, writing people, a neighbourhood map about locations, voice and point of view and cost about £4.99 each. You can buy online or at shops like Foyles.

2. A set of storyteller pencils with inspiring lines written on them like, ‘ It was a dark and stormy night’. I love them and they make a cheap and easy to post present for your writer friends, £5 for a box of six.

3. Finally notebooks, notebooks, notebooks. How can you ever have enough of them? I’m ashamed to say I’ve got 18 waiting to be used. Sometimes I give them away, some are waiting for their special purpose to become apparent, others I think are almost too nice for me to ever use. Sometimes I just go to Wilkcos and buy cheap Silvine exercise books as I find these just an inspirational and because they are more workaday, I just get stuck in without overthinking the writing.

So I’d like to know writers, what’s on your Christmas list?


13 thoughts on “Top Three Great Christmas Presents for Writers.

  1. I was bought these pencils for Christmas! I really liked the prompts on them, it also reminded me that I haven’t written with my own hand for a while, well, especially a pencil. Good post.


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