‘Christmas at The Contraband Cafe’, a guest interview with co-author Liberty Bell.

This book is FREE today! Treat yourself!

Scarlett Brodie

Libby and I have been friends since childhood and wrote this novella together in about three months. We had a lot of fun writing it. The book is FREE on amazon today and a few more days will be chosen for it to be given away too, just to get you all in the Christmas Spirit.  This interview was carried out at the recent My Cup of Tea Press Christmas party, thanks guys for a fun evening!

SB – ‘So Libby Contraband Cafe is your first joint writing project, how did it come about?’

LB -‘ It was after we both visited Robin’s Hood Bay, in North Yorkshire one summer. I don’t know what is is about the place, it’s just so inspiring, steeped in history, really quaint and evocative, it  just seemed to inspire the story which we cooked up together in one of the cafes there. So Rum…

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