Favourite seasonal scenes from books No 1

There’s so many to choose from, it’s hard to start. The first one which sprang to mind was the hilarious sequence of scenes from David Nicholl’s ‘Starter for Ten’ when hapless Brian goes to visit his crush and fellow student, Alice for New Year in the country. It all starts well enough.

‘ As the train pulls into the station, Alice is waiting at the far end of the platform, huddled up against the snow in an expensive -looking long black overcoat that almost touches the ground… and I wonder where she’s put her balalaika.’

But then rapidly goes downhill from there. Alice really doesn’t see Brian as boyfriend material , her parents, Mr and Mrs Harbinson are rather strange, given to wandering round at night in the nude which results in some very  funny scenes after Brian gets the munchies in the middle of the night.  Worse, after a shortened stay Alice announces ,

‘It’s Granny Harbinson, she fell downstairs late last night, and she’s in hospital with a fractured hip, and we’ve got to go and see her…’

Of course it could be true but after what’s happened the reader doubts it. Poor Brian is whisked back to the station and in mortification, goes back to uni early rather than reappear home and explain to his mother and friends what’s happened! Of course there’s more of the same to come for Brian as this brilliant comedy of love, class and growing up unfolds.

Having looked this up I feel like watching the film again too! Go on treat yourself, it’s fab.  If you haven’t read it I’d recommend this cleverly observed and very amusing book. What are your festive favourite favourite books and films I’d love to know.

Ps I wonder what’s in the mug next to the book?

Pps more fave festive scenes soon if I can remember them.



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