Favourite Seasonal Scenes from books No 3, Bridget Jones, The Edge of Reason by Helen Fielding.

I’ve always liked this book better than the first one ( although I think the film was worse). Anyway my favourite bit out of this book (which makes me smile) is the bit where Mark Darcy reads out the contents of a Christmas card which a rather drunken Bridget has sent to his friend Nigel. I’ve missed some bits but you will get the gist.

‘ My dear,dear Nigel, I know we have only met once at  Rebecca’s when you pulled her out of the lake. But now it is Christmas, I realise, through being Mark’s closest colleague, you have in a strange way been close to me all year too. I feel very close to you now. You are a wonderful man: fit, attractive, vigorous, brilliantly creative, because being a lawyer is actually a creative job, I  will always think  fondly of you glistening bravely in the sunlight and the water. Merry Christmas to my dear, dear Nigel. Bridget.’

Of course Nigel is the fat, plain senior partner  and when Bridget hears this she is mortified and claims she’ll have to go away and live in another country.

‘Now come on,’ grinned Mark. ‘ Everyone will know you were pissed. It’s funny.’

It could of course only happen to Bridget. Happy card writing!

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