Sharing New Year writing plans – I’ll show you mine if you show me yours!

Hello! I thought I’d share my writing plans for the coming year, partly because I think if I write my intentions on the blog I’m more likely to complete them. And I would like to see what other writers’ plans are if anyone’s willing to share?

This year I intend to publish at least one of my cosy crime novels. I have three in draft form, two quite far on, one rather sketchy one. The first one, ( working title Missing, Presumed Murdered) is the one I’m focusing on and I have a meeting tomorrow with the small, independent publishers who have shown an interest in them as ebooks.

With this book ( MPM) I have already done  a story edit, sent it to a couple of trusted beta readers etc and am changing the draft having listened to their thoughts. Then I’m going to do a closer line by line edit.

By the way it’s set in the Derbyshire Dales/ Peak District area of the UK and focuses on a small village community, Millfield and follows the story of a missing school girl.

I always find editing difficult. Does anyone use any particular method, check list, books to help? I’d love to know what your thoughts are. I’m thinking of printing out 30 pages at a time and working through them with my purple editing pen, something which I’ve seen in use in schools but more about that in a future post.

Anyway whatever you are writing, good luck with your plans this year. And if you’d like to share ideas, plans or strategies, I’d love to hear them !

7 thoughts on “Sharing New Year writing plans – I’ll show you mine if you show me yours!

    1. Oh great raynotbradbury. Mines about 18 chapters all told (so you may be nearly a quarter through) and it’s taken a while. In between I got bored and did other things including writing the drafts of 2 sequels. Actually that really helped as I got to know the characters better. Keep on though, you have to finish it!

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  1. To Scarlett. Were I to write a book for publication, I would most certainly have an outside professional editor have a look at it. Always good to have honest, impartial advice. Two services I would recommend.
    2). Creative

    I don’t know the cost, but assume it won’t be too expensive.
    Thank you for choosing to follow what I write. I appreciate it.



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