Map of Millfield, fictitious village where ‘Missing, Presumed Murdered’ is set.

I thought I’d share the splashy, watercolour map of the village where my new cosy crime novel is set. It’s going to be called, ‘Missing, Presumed Murdered’ and will be out in April. I drew and devised the map as a way of trying to understand where things were in relation to everything else. I found it useful for trying to work out things like,’ Could the protagonist ( Liddy) walk to the pub or would she drive?’ and trying to decide who were neighbours or likely to know one another.

The village is an amalgamation of several villages near to where I live and I think of it as a work in progress. I guess I might add other features over time if they are needed in subsequent plots. However it’s somewhere in the Derbyshire Dales, near to the Peak DIstrict ( UK) but that’s all I’m saying. I’d be really interested to find out if other people draw out their locations in the same way or take photos or whatever. Do tell…

6 thoughts on “Map of Millfield, fictitious village where ‘Missing, Presumed Murdered’ is set.

  1. I don’t usually make detailed notes about locations. Often they are based on places I’ve actually been (so I may have photos anyway), which means I know them already and I’m just recalling them in a story. But I may make some notes (like scribbling in margins) at times usually just to help me stay “consistent” based on my recollections.😊


  2. The one novel I am working on is loosely based on where I am from, So I guess I would know where everything is in relation to location.
    I’m excited to hear that you are writing another novel…Can’t wait to read this one as well!

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    1. Ooh do let know what you’re writing, sounds intriguing. By the way I don’t think it matters what the map looks like really, I think I sometimes mess about with maps etc to have a rest from writing if I’m feeling lazy !

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