Review of ‘Paris for One’ by Jojo Moyes’

I was given this book as a Christmas present and initially felt a little disappointed that it was a book of short stories. I’m not a fan of those really,  I find them too short, just as I’m getting to know the characters it ends or they’re a bit tricksy and try hard with their unexpected endings. ( I know I probably haven’t read enough or the right ones!) But on a cold afternoon, I curled up by the fire, started reading and became hooked.

The first story ‘Paris for One’ is more of a novella and takes up about a third of the book. It’s a charming, escapist read which whisked me away to sunnier climes following the holiday plans of Nell. The characters are well drawn and the plot romps along to a satisfying but not cloyingly sweet end. Most enjoyable.

Then I found myself racing through the rest of the stories, ten in total and these were brilliant too. Not tricksy or try hard at all but wonderfully warm, slightly wacky and full of interesting relationships between men/women and friends. The stories are easy to relate to, featuring shoes, last year’s coat, text romances, another foray to Paris and Christmas.  I loved it. Just the thing to warm you up in this cold, grey February. 5 stars!

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