Review of The Sound of Distant Cheering by KM Peyton.

I’ve just finished this book, first published in 1971, which was new to me and a complete treat. For those of you who don’t know KM Peyton, she is a British author, probably best known for her Flambards trilogy ( there’s a later fourth book too Flambards Divided which is wonderful.) I grew up reading these books and remember my despairing English mistress saying, ‘ There are other authors you know…’

The Sound of Distant Cheering is like many of her books, focused on horses, this time on a racing yard where Rosy Weeks works. What KM Peyton always gets so right is her horse details, describing here Rosy’s love of one of her charges Roly’s Fox, a chaser with a big heart. Rosy also falls for the trainer , a morose ex jockey, and thrown into the mix are some ruthless betting owners, an ambitious, glamorous girl, an old house and estate, a well bred broodmare Silverfish and a resolute old woman, Mrs Cutbush. All these ingredients are deftly stirred to serve up a thrilling tale, beautifully written, with horses so well described that they sound just like ones that I have known. This book was a rare treat, as are many of KM Peyton’s other works, which I shall write about in future posts.  5*****

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