Why I like books written for children…and find them helpful.

‘The Usborne Creative Writer’s Handbook, everything you need to become a better writer’ so it says on the front. I bought this book recently when browsing  in a bookshop to spend a Christmas book voucher. OK it’s a book for children, probably for 9-12 year olds if I’m any judge  but I was very drawn to it for it’s simplicity, presentation and good sense. And I don’t mean that I bought it for a child , I got it for me to refer to and keep!

I suppose we all still respond to the child in us and I know I would have loved this when I was  younger. And I am an ex teacher which I think makes me still alert to children and their world. Basically the book gives good advice about writing in all sorts of genres. There’s sections on generating ideas, planning, details about how to craft a story, guidance about how to write non-fiction including blogs and a final section about  rules, grammar and word lists. The section on punctuation is particularly good and crystal clear.  What I love about the book is that there are no wordy , over complicated explanations just lots of examples, simple ideas, all you actually need to help you, without all the crap!  This book reminds me why I want to write and what a wonderful, magical activity it can be. So well done, Usborne, you’ve even inspired an older writer.

23 thoughts on “Why I like books written for children…and find them helpful.

  1. This is why I like children’s sermons at church. They get right to the point. I still have a whole shelf of my children’s books waiting to be read to grand children.


      1. Most of the time they do. What I like about children’s book though it’s the fact they open up to a world of dreams and possibilities, magical or wacky… Big fan of the Roald Dahl and Harry Potter’s stories. I have not yet read Terry Pratchett but I was told that I would love it. So some Pratchett’s books are on my To-Read list now…


  2. Thanks Mr/Mrs   for accepting and following my blog.

    I’m available to read your post at my convenient time.

    You have such an interesting topic I will love to read in
    your blog.

    I still remain  the simple blogger…..

    Peace and Love

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  3. I have this book (I’m a Usborne Organiser) and love it. It’s for me too. 😉 I love children books…. so simple and to the point. No hidden agendas.


      1. It’s fab isn’t it. Very popular when I take books to school events.
        Hope you keep enjoying it.


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