Review of ‘Blood-Tied’ by Wendy Percival

I first read about this author in the Subscribers Spotlight in Writing Magazine and was curious to read her first novel. Blood-Tied is an interesting and arresting tale which introduces Esme Quentin, a genealogist. She’s a tenacious heroine who keeps on unearthing the secrets behind her sister’s accident and resulting head injury.  Of course it transpires that this is no accident but a deliberate attack, but why would anyone hurt Esme’s sister Elizabeth? What unfolds is an unusual and page turning tale about hidden parentage going back at least two generations, an elaborate story about the relationships between the gentry and their servants below stairs. Esme must use all her research skills, her contacts and sheer bloody mindedness to solve this well designed, plausible, but unpredictable plot.  So I enjoyed this book and would recommend it to other crime lovers, so much so that I’m about to move onto the next in the series, ‘The Malice of Angels.’ Just the thing to read by the fire in this freezing weather I’d say. 5 *****

7 thoughts on “Review of ‘Blood-Tied’ by Wendy Percival

  1. Thanks for your lovely review, Scarlett. So glad you enjoyed BLOOD-TIED and meeting Esme. There is a second book in the series which comes before THE MALICE OF ANGELS (though they’re all stand-alone, so it’s not essential they’re read in order) which is called THE INDELIBLE STAIN. Esme has to delve into the dark and brutal history of 19th century convict transportation to Australia to solve that mystery! I hope you enjoy which ever book you read next. ☺️


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