Keeping fit when you sit down a lot…

As it has finally warmed up a bit here I’m trying to get out and walk more  using my new fit bit like wristband which measures the amounts of steps I take each day. As you know when I’m not working I try to write or paint but this can create a problem in that mostly this involves sitting down. And at work I sit down, a lot. So here’s some questions you might be able to help me with:

  • how many steps a day is respectable? I know the 10,000 number was made up but to be honest I never reach anything like that 6-7000 usually when at home. On a work day it can be as little as 2,000 though!
  • trainers or walking boots? I’ve got a pair of leather boots but they’re quite heavy, also in old fashioned brown but they are comfy. Any tips or makes anyone?
  • I was wondering whether to try walking poles (the Nordic thing). Anyone tried it? Is it difficult, useful, good for you?
  • Are warm ups necessary do you think?
  • I’m also a little worried as I might have accidentally agreed to a 25 mile walk later in the year…help!

I do think that sitting on your backside for ages  is a real problem for many of us. Anyway always happy to hear from those of you who might have cracked this. Let me know how?

7 thoughts on “Keeping fit when you sit down a lot…

  1. Can’t claim to have cracked this though fortunately (or unfortunately depending how you look at it) I get to spend a fair amount of time on my feet during the day. I try to walk to talk to someone in person rather than emailing, stand rather than sit at my work station and walk around the parking lot while listening to an audio book during work breaks. Even then most days I only am in the 7-8k steps range.

    I do try to focus on growth rather than the target. It can be demoralizing to be doing all that and still not hit the target but I know I am more active than a year ago and I think that still has value.

    Best of luck in your own efforts!


  2. during work days I usually walked about 6-10 but have cracked 13 before on the weekend, it varies whether I am having a weekend that is or working. If I am lucky my kids let me veg out for a while but mostly I do quite a bit of walking those days too lol. Walking poles, are not cool lol and that really depends on the area you live in is it common to have them or not. maybe try doing a 10min walk around the block in the evenings now that it is warming up and eventually that will increase plus it is good in the sense that you can think more about your stories 🙂


      1. I believe most in that time enjoyed walking 😛 but yes! I come up with a lot of my ideas whilst on my feet at work, unfortunately I cannot use a phone to record said ideas so I have to hope I remember them when I go on break or finish lol.


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