Hands up if you understand amazon KDP categories…

Is it me or are these quite confusing? As far as I understand it if you self publish on amazon you can choose two categories for your book and also keywords. But some writers/ authors/ guides seem to suggest that you can choose more by clicking on particular categories. I’ve no idea if I’ve got the wring end of the stick or if this possible.

I tried this morning as I am about to publish my cosy crime bool ‘ Missing in Millfield’.

I got the following categories:

Fiction-mystery and detective-cozy

Fiction-mystery and detective- women sleuths

Does that sound right? I’d be interested in what other authors do and to find out if I’m missing something here. Puzzled author.com.



15 thoughts on “Hands up if you understand amazon KDP categories…

  1. My book company distributes to Amazon, IBooks Apple, and other places simultaneously but they only give be a choice of one category. But everything is a puzzle to me on Amazon. I looked at the sales ratings which I thought would have something to do with sales. I used to get excited when I did a promotion and I went from being the 3 millionth best-seller to being the 100,000th best and then in a category 100th best. But that only meant I sold 5 books. And recently an e-book seemed to do well in a category but when I checked sales I sold… wait for the drum-roll… ZERO. I’m looking to sign up for the Aardvarks on Mars category which I hope they create so I can be the number 1 best-seller if I sell ONE book… um, but then I’d have to buy the one copy and I’ve already spent too much money giving away copies…


  2. Hi! Oh Amazon, I just guestimate it all. So nice to meet another self-published Amazon writer. Do you publish anywhere else? How long have you been writing? So impressive that you write crime mystery. I really struggle with fiction but putting my full attention on it these days.


    1. Hi Kate, so far I’ve only used amazon. My new book will be on there but may try other avenues. What do you write Kate? Maybe you’d be interested in a free review copy of my book when its ready , which will be soon? Let me know Scarlett

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      1. I write homemaking and life improvement. Then under my pen name, I write fiction and I have yet to label it. Maybe life changes? I would love to read a copy!


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