The problem of the lovelorn proof reader…

Now my publishing schedule has hit another unforseen problem, that of the barely functioning proof reader.

First of all I had to change the title, Missing Presumed Murdered became Missing in Millfield.

This delayed my cover as I had to wait for changes to that.

And now my lovely, young proof reader Rose phoned me in tears last night. She and her boyfriend of four years have decided to call it a day.

Oh dear, were there other people involved? I asked.

‘No, nothing like that,’ came to tear strangled , quavery voice.

Had they rowed? Would it all blow over by tomorrow?

‘No, they were friendly and mature,’ she said, sniffing, but their relationship seemed to have run its course, she explained.

‘So are you OK?’ I asked, stupidly. Self evidently she was not.

But then she gave me the most poignant answer. ‘ I just feel so sad,’ she murmured.’ There’s a kaleidoscope of images of happy memories flickering through my mind on repeat. It just hurts even though I know it’s for the best…’

Well, by then your stupid blogger Scarlett was blubbering too. It was impossible not to be moved by her plight. I suggested wine, chocolate, talking to her girlfriends, wallowing, the usual platitudes. So I’ll just have to wait a while longer I think. Poor Rose. The best laid plans and all that…





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