A wild night at the bookclub…

Just have to share what happened to me this week. It was a most bizarre end to my monthly bookclub. After quite a sedate evening , around at one of my fellow members’ houses in a nearby village, something odd happened.

First we eight women sat around discussing Ruby Wax’s ‘A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled’ ( our first non-fiction book). The evening followed the usual pattern, our host offered tea or coffee and biscuits, we discussed the book for about an hour. Then we spent another hour catching up on gossip, picking the next book, checking where the next meeting was going to be etc. Then we left, me driving two others home at around 10pm.

Halfway home, on a quietish country road, I suddenly noticed I was being followed by a vehicle with blue flashing lights. Heck, I thought, I must have a light out or something. But no. The police officer said he’d spotted that someone was using a mobile and thought it was me ( my friend was checking her phone in the back seat and had held it up to get a better signal).

I was very polite and explained this. He was not satisfied, asking her to hold up her phone and trying to judge if this is what he’d seen. Then he claimed he could smell alcohol and said I must be breathalysed. Failure to agree could lead to me being arrested.

It amused me suddenly and reminded me of the scene in the film ‘ Withnail and I’ where the officer who stops them suddenly yells, ‘GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN!’

Of course the reading came back as 0. I’d only drunk a cup of green tea.  He was quite nice after that and we wended our way. Then I burst out laughing, remembering the full hip flask in my glove department ( see earlier post Why English People Love Talking about the Weather).

Relaying this to another friend she asked,’ So how did you beat the breathalyser then?’

‘Mindfulness,’ I replied.

4 thoughts on “A wild night at the bookclub…

  1. Oh my quite the story – I drink a lot of green tea and I’ve never noticed an alcohol smell on my breath – how strange the officer thought you had one. The book you read in book group sounds quite interesting, I might have to check it out!


  2. And I thought it was just in America that police stopped a group of non-threatening women just to meet their monthly quota…. I mean, really, at night on a lonely country road going the speed limit..


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