Why I love ‘The Creative Writer’s Workbook’ by Cathy Birch

This is the fab book I read which inspired me to use tarot cards. I’d lost it temporarily and then found it down the side of a bookcase when spring cleaning. I hugged it to me like an old friend and then read it again. I was not disappointed.

It’s cram jam full of simple inspiring exercises,ones to help you tune in to your writing, word games, guided visualisations, meditations, explores using tarot astrology, dice, runes, dreams and even I Ching. There’s exercises about how to use beginnings and endings, how to recycle characters and ideas, how to craft your work and edit it. It may sound a bit airy fairy but it’s not at all,  I found it intensely practical and inspiring. There’s also several interesting case studies.

What I love about it is the fact that Cathy Birch clearly recognises that writing is a peculiar, unknowable process and that, with help,  the subconscious can be accessed, tricked almost, into releasing its amazing energy and ideas. Some writers guides I’ve read  seem to try to distil writing down to a series of guidelines, formulas and rules but this book is the total opposite!

I have read reviews of this book where writers say how much it has helped them with writer’s block. I also think it would make a great book for writers’ groups and workshops.

I have the 4th edition, just wondering if I can justify getting the new 5th edition which has a fabulous cover, that’s how much I love this book! 5 stars!

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