Hurray! Keeping fit when you sit down a lot! 2

Thank God the weather has improved and I ca at least get out walking more. The lighter nights help too. So hopefully my life as a writer and largely sedentary worker won’t be too detrimental.

In my quest to get fitter I’ve now got a pedometer and aim to walk 7-8000 steps per day. But should it me more?

Hopefully this will stop me spreading outwards too much but life  has now thrown my another challenge. I’ve rashly agreed to do a 25 mile walk for charity. Help! I’d had one gin and tonic and thought, how hard can it be?

Now starting to panic tbh, Anyone any ideas about how to ramp up the fitness? The walk’s in a few months time so I could plan a schedule but where to start? All ideas, website addresses, links, especially info re footwear all gratefully received!

3 thoughts on “Hurray! Keeping fit when you sit down a lot! 2

  1. If you keep walking further each day or week it becomes easier. When I used to ride or walk I would take my mind off of the actual task of walking and imagine different things like books, day dreams etc just make sure you don’t lose track of where you are 😂


  2. I am rubbish at keeping my steps up – but I do a half hour dance/exercise class each week and it gives me more than 2000 steps in 30 minutes. Maybe you could find something like that?


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