When should you give up with a book and start another one?

This is a question that I keep asking myself over and over. And here’s the thing:

I have completed one book in the Liddy Grey Mysteries – ‘Missing in Millfield’ which roughly went to plan but now I’m struggling with the second, ‘ Mute in Millfield.’

Somehow I don’t like the draft at all. I’ve tried, on and off to improve it. But it’s flat, the writing seems lifeless. As my writing buddy observed, ‘You’ve never liked that book, have you?’ There seems to be something wrong with the plot. And here’s my dilemma:

I have a third book, more recently written, in the series called, ‘Murder in Millfield’. This book flowed, was easy to write and I think is much better. I’m tempted to abandon Mute for the time being and focus on Murder, thinking I can always go back to Mute later on in the year. I could publish Murder in a few months, I reckon. But it would mean releasing the books in a series out of sequence.  I haven’t spoken to the team at My Cup of Tea Press yet either.

But I also recognise that no-one will notice apart from me, or will they? Any thought fellow writers?

5 thoughts on “When should you give up with a book and start another one?

  1. If it was me, I’d go with the flow – ie work on the book that is writing itself. If you’re not having fun writing, chances are it won’t be fun to read. And good for you for keeping writing.

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  2. If the flow isn’t moving, I suggest put it aside and do something else. Sometimes, overexposure can ruin a good story. Wishing you a spectacular Saturday!

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