Being the world’s worst gardener can still be therapeutic…

One lovely thing about this time of year in the UK is that it’s time to get out and about in the garden.  This year I’m making a concerted effort with my veg patch, even though I am probably the world’s worst gardener and some years produced only enough sprouts, parsnips or beans for a couple of meals.  Often everyone rolls their eyes as I say over dinner, ‘I’d just like to point out that I grew those you know… they’re organic too…’ And the redcurrants are all eaten by blackbirds despite my extensive netting!

So it’s been dug, compost put in ( from my own bin) and now it’s all growing well. Even if the patch is small , which it is, and I could probably buy all the  produce cheaper from the supermarket, that doesn’t quite seem the point. Once my husband, trying to encourage me, buried some supermarket carrots in the garden so when I pulled them up there was  at least something to eat. It was funny to find several enormous ones amongst the wizened little apologies for carrots that I grew! I wasn’t fooled but it did make me laugh. I don’t bother with them at all now.

There’s something about the effort that seems therapeutic, especially nipping out in between trying to write, edit or work from home, to weed or check on things. It was while digging the patch that I decided to miss out the second Liddy Grey novel and go straight to the third one, which I like much better and  now I’m working on that instead. I think that’s the right decision too. Wielding the spade can help you make decisions, see?

I find it really rewarding to pop out and see how the cabbages are growing or if I’ve got enough rhubarb sticks for a crumble ( it seems a good year this year!). And  I think I’ll get lots of redcurrants , for us or the blackbirds…depends on whether I can come up with this year on the netting front.  Any ideas or recommendations greatly received!

12 thoughts on “Being the world’s worst gardener can still be therapeutic…

  1. I also am the worst gardener. My husband grows tomatoes and they’re wonderful, so I just stay away from the tomatoes and let him do it. I enjoy working in the garden but I’m so bad at it. 🙂


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