Missing in Millfield- 5 star review!

Thank you very much to all the  Beta readers and others who have now commented on
my book ‘Missing in Millfield’. All your comments and ideas were thoughtful and
considered and I am now, having made a few changes, ready to properly release this
book on amazon.  I was also delighted to get a 5 star ***** review, see below.
‘5 ***** Miss Marple she isn’t !
A very down to earth read that makes it more enjoyable. A divorcee is making ends met by working to jobs. One at the local schools and one as a wannabe investigator. Okay she isn’t to most clued up but when she becomes involved in several cases are they linked or are they separate. One is the hit and run, one is a racing scam and one is the missing marrows. But don’t forget the case of the missing schoolgirl. The characters are down to earth except for her flamboyant ex mother in law and there is also a possible love interest. Great plot that winds up taking her everywhere except the solution. A nice read but Miss Marple has nothing to worry about.’
I’m now hard at work on the next in the series, ‘ Murder in Millfield’ . Thanks for all the
support and encouragement and of course the follows!

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