Just who is Liddy Grey anyway? ( hero of Missing in Millfield)

Scarlett Brodie

Just thought you might be interested in meeting the hero or heroine of my book Missing in Millfield, psychologist Liddy Grey.

First of all she’s a UK educational psychologist. I followed the maxim of write what you know. I know about this role as that’s what I do and a very interesting and absorbing job it is too! In the book she is Dr Liddy Grey, ( UK EPs now take a doctoral qualification) but Liddy wears her learning lightly and remains down to earth, grounded and practical. She’s also a bit scatty, rather disorganised but warm, friendly and good at her job.

In a way writing about Liddy was a release from all the sad, serious things I do deal with from time to time, all the tricky meetings, stressed parents and teachers I meet on a daily basis. So she does lots of fun things and  has an…

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