All about Orla ( the mad mother in law from Missing in Millfield)

Well I’m not sure which one Orla is. Maybe a mixture of the three amazing woman above, certainly zany well dressed and stylish and a law unto herself.  Here’s a brief fact file  of this character who was devised from using the stimulus a tarot card, the fool. The following notes are from my notebook about characters from the series.

Name- Orla Fitzpatrick

age- 50ish, no-one really knows

Job – formerly an actress, had a small part in a RTE soap which made her name, currently resting !

Marital status- at least three husbands including the father of her son Declan Brady, recently divorced from property tycoon Paddy Fitzpatrick

Residence – has a flat in Dublin, a cottage in Sligo and in ‘Missing in Millfield’ comes to stay in Liddy’s house Chauffeur’s Mews.

Family – a sister and brother. Son Declan, ex daughter in law Liddy, grand daughter Maeve

Strengths – socially skilled, good at getting others to open up and confide in her, energy, verve and style, marches to her own beat and is not at all troubled by convention, generous, witty, a force of nature, witty, loves a drink, enjoys life, super positive

Weaknesses/ flaws- monumentally nosy, very prone to exaggeration , embellishing stories to the point of fabrication, fond of pretending to be someone’s Aunt Philomena or distant relative ( handy for getting to see people in hospital), selfish, not completely reliable, impulsive, reckless

As you will see from ‘Missing in Millfield’ whenever I want to spice up something in the book or make it more exciting or colourful, I tend to throw Orla into the scene. Even though she sometimes retreats, has quiet moments, certainly keeps herself to herself, is actually quite mysterious between adventures, that’s her role in the books. I hope you enjoy reading about her !


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