Being a beta -reader for Making Allowances for Charlie de Luca

Just thought I’d take time out to tell you about the start of my first beta reader experience.  I’m reading Making Allowances by Charlie de Luca for My Cup of Tea Press and very good it is too.

This is a new role for me though, I’m feeling the responsibility a bit actually. So far I’m half way through and I have a pro-forma to fill in, giving quite detailed feedback on plot, characterisation, clarity and pacing.

I’m enjoying the book a lot and trying hard to make sensible suggestions and give helpful  feedback. What’s interesting to me is how the author writes from two points of view, both in the third person, one male, an ex jockey called Finn and the other, a student called Hattie. I’m fascinated about how he’s done this so well from the woman’s view. I’m not sure I could write from the other gender, but there we go. Charlie’s character, Hattie is most convincing.

So I think I’m one of several beta readers and I’ve been asked to complete the task by the end of next week. I think the book Making Allowances is out on pre-order now too. So for all you racing thriller fans, I think it’s going to be a cracking read but I daren’t say any more at the moment! Better get on with it!


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