Making Allowances – by first beta reader experience

Well readers, I did it. It was a close call but I managed to read, answers questions and give my opinion on Making Allowances within the time limit. I hadn’t realised I’d been holding my breath ( not literally) until  I finished. This is what I discovered:

  • It’s a good thing to do if you like the book ( I really loved this one by the way but I like horses and I like racing thrillers, think Dick Francis, John Francome)
  • I think you need to like the genre, no use reading fantasy or romance if you hate them
  • you need to be professional and get it done in a timely fashion
  • you need to be constructive and fair
  • I don’t think being a beta reader is for the faint-hearted, you need to do it in good faith and be whole-hearted about it
  • Would I do it again? Yes, if I had time to think about the book a bit, knew the author’s work, maybe had time to read the reviews of their other books etc


What I can tell you is that Making Allowances is a rare page turner introducing two very different characters, it leads us straight into a twisting and turning plot which is ingenious and well drawn. I loved it it. So if you like a good thriller, I’d recommend it. It’s out on pre-order now !

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