Review of Swansong by Damian Boyd

I’ve just stumbled upon this detective series and felt moved to write a review of this book which I found extremely enjoyable. I haven’t read the others in the series, ( this is book 4 of the Nick Dixon series).

This one is set in a school. Nick the detective goes undercover as a trainee teacher in order to  discover more about the death of a young sixth former at a private school. But there’s a twist, Nick recognises the killer’s MO and feels sure that it’s the same killer who struck when he himself was a pupil in a neighbouring school, also in the 6th form.

What I liked about this book was it’s readability and the way the plot rolled along seemingly effortlessly. It was a real page turner. I also liked the level of detail- quite a lot about police work but nothing too gory or gratuitous, ( I can’t finish anything like that). Also, and this is unusual these days, the main character Nick seems quite well balanced, he’s not your usual cliche of tortured, weird , oddball or maverick detective ( I’m a bit sick of those), but he is well drawn and interesting.

I’m going to read more of these and hope they are as engaging.. 5*

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