Review of Making Allowances by Charlie de Luca

Hi here’s a review for this book which I was lucky enough to be a beta reader for. Now it’s out and available on amazon for just 99p I thought I’d review it for  potential readers.

This book, another racing thriller, from the same stable as Charlie’s other books is a cracking read. What’s interesting is the new world that it introduces, the world of how people become jockeys . Did you know that jump jockeys work as conditional jockeys first and have no particular salary and rely on trainers for expenses and living accommodation,   Most are treated well but for some their trust is abused and they are groomed into pulling horse races. This is the case in this book where a young jockey is beaten up for winning a race ( he wasn’t supposed to) and later goes missing. Another is knocked over by a car  when he refuses to ride to lose. What these jockeys have in common is a jockey coach Finn McCarthy who together with side kick Hattie Lucas, find themselves drawn into what exactly is going on with his charges.

The writing is fresh and the dual viewpoint, Finn and Hattie keeps the writing varied and enhances the page turning quality. We learn more about jockeys (things I’d never thought of but should have ) like how do they keep so thin? 80% of these young hopefuls also never make it as a professional. I think the life is hard and it made me respect the few famous jockeys I know ( Richard Johnson, Tony McCoy, retired now) so much more. It also reminded me of the was young , hopeful footballers start out.

Anyway the story romps on to a brilliant conclusion and we learn lots more about the two main protagonists and about the racing industry in general. There’s a tense conclusion set in Scotland and we learn more of Hattie’s talents. A fab read 5 stars.

Also for fans, Charlie is writing a new book featuring these characters and introducing a detective DI Gabriel Taverner, who sounds, from the little I know, to be a great new invention. So more is definitely on the way and I for one, am very pleased about that !

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